Yes, I’m a wedding photographer but also, a family photographer who has over than 8 years experience with children, specially the little ones. Last week, with the talented Spanish-Swiss blogger, The Bodyshake decided to do a style shooting in Zürich including her children! Afterward, Ana was really impressed of  how I worked with the little ones and few hours later, she wrote me telling  that the girls loved working with me!

There are people who think that a wedding photographer cannot take newborn or children pictures because they are most specialized in couple pictures and maybe isn’t completely wrong but, in my case, I’ve been surrounded by children from my entire life. My mom, who is retired now, she used to be a Pedagogue, School Director and also Teacher at the most difficult schools in the city. She taught me everything, I remember spending part of my summer holidays when I was a child helping other kids with subject problems. Also, helping my nieces from the zero moment and I’m still doing it. I studied in Madrid and Zürich for becoming a teacher, who knows, maybe in the near future I will be doing pictures at a primary school and also teaching.

So yes, I totally love working with children, therefore I never say no when a family contact to me. I cannot resist!