3 years ago everything started…

Charlotte from Danish Design Kids and I came up with the idea of helping the families to have the Christmas pictures done before the holidays and it has been a tradition for us since the first time and it’s growing up every year.

Many families from different parts of Switzerland

This year was not only our 3rd year spreading memories, but also supporting needy children in Venezuela by the NGO Unos Venezolanos who does an incredible labor helping little ones in my native country.

We couldn’t be more than happier with all the love and support from the families who drove to our location and we all are really thankful, as I always say TOGETHER we are STRONGER!

We are totally looking forward to next year which it’s going to be better and AWESOME! We have been organizing everything and I cannot wait!!

Just thank YOU for doing this place, a better home to our children.


Mary Fernández Photography