Mountain wedding

Yes, for a long time I have been shooting more and more weddings around Europe and meeting incredible couples who chose me for be part of their FABOLOUS day. I have to admit, I enjoy traveling so much and getting know more of another cultures face to face.

This time, I didn’t need to travel when they asked me to be part of this style shoot. I was really excited but at the same time I got in panic. Working with a talented professionals requires always a lot of preparation. Nobody knew it! I didn’t talk with nobody about it! In my parents’ house, we have a slogan “never tell your secret projects”, so I follow my heart and went directly to the location. They started to prepare everything, I cannot do nothing until they finished.

18:00 Let’s start! we started shooting inside the wood. The light was just perfect there! We waited until the sunset time surrounding pine trees. Then we went on the top of the mountain and finally we arrived where the tent was… And OMG! the whole decoration was completely stunning! And even more the Elephant cake! I couldn’t believe what my eyes were looking at! We finished at 21:10, I was so tired but so happy and grateful.

It was a long day, but it worths! I am used to work a lot of time but not running on the top of the mountain! Even though I’m more than happy and I would do it again a thousand times more. I finished editing last week. At the end, I have around 300 edited pictures. I wanted to give something special for all the team work they did, therefore I decided to make a slideshow, which also I want to share with all of you! Hope you like it as I do!

The song has a reason and it’s that the singer grew up in a circus family, what a coincidence!

To check it out on the following link here

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Wedding planner & flowers:

Hair & Makeup:

Cake artist & sweets:



Wedding dress:



Models: Vivien Rothennberger & Dani Nyffi