A good way to start the day is having a newborn at home!

All the time I’m receiving emails from new customers about my newborn’s pictures. One of the most common question is how I shoot and where. If you follow me on my Instagram account, I use a hashtag named #switzerlandismystudio because the truth is I don’t have an atelier and I don’t really need it. At home I have my office where I edit and work the whole day.

Sometimes my couples or families come by to meet me and discuss details about our sessions and they can check where I work. One of my biggest request of living in a flat is the lighting because for us, the Light is everything. I do not work with flashes or expensive gadgets that at the end doesn’t help me. I do it as simple as possible (take a look of this newborn shoot)

I just need a big window as I do have at my place for creating meaningful picture for the rest of your life.


Mary Fernández Photography