Wedding time

Let’s talk about weddings! Yey! Yes it’s Wedding season, which means a lot of editing and printing. Many hours at my computer and phone conversations with the printer, but everything worth for seeing your face when you receive my packaging.

Let’s admit it! It’s just one day, the most beautiful day in your life. It could be the best one or second one after your child birth. Our brain isn’t so powerful to preserve all memories of this day forever and I’m here for helping you with this issue! I’m not just photographing your wedding, I will also give you a gift  for your whole life with the best quality.

I will hand over your pictures USB pen made by hand in UK and the printings will come from Germany or USA without any logo printed. This two country know how to print with a great quality! The pictures into the USB will be in high-resolution, perfecto for printing without any watermark or logo.

I’m always looking for the best for delivering my work. So this packaging are subject to change over time. Just ask me!




Mary Fernández Photography