When I arrived in Switzerland after living a long time in Spain, where my family comes from, reminded me my childhood. I grew up in a big city called Caracas in the Caribbean, Venezuela exactly. All the time I was surrounded of mountains, rivers and city life. My home city is a valley and once I walked on the Zug’s streets, I felt the same, even thought Zug isn’t quiet similar. But it is so greenish like Caracas.

Being sincere, I felt in love with the Zug immediately. Despite being a small town which I am not used to, I have been living here for 4 1/2 years and I love it! And my dogs as well. We spend together long time outside discovering new places, scouting new backgrounds for my shootings, you know how I love the nature! But the thing is that sometimes I really miss the city life and I like also when the sessions are around awesome white walls. White walls create natural reflectors that help to bring more life to the pictures and focus in the real emotions instead of the nature.

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