For a long time, I dreamed to have my new website done but unfortunately it was a long way with many obstacles that turned my days into a nightmare.  This time I knew what means be defrauded for a design company that didn’t care my dreams, efforts and more.

So yes, I cried a lot and many times I thought about giving it everything up. Long nights without sleeping in a wink thinking of… and now what?. Being far away home on those days was really complicated, but thank to social media, I felt the support of my people.

As every year, I attended a Photography Congress in Barcelona where one of my dear friend recommended me the person who did this dream in true. We met us at his studio and discussed all details. I cannot explain how well he got everything. I remember when he asked me if I was ready for working hard because it takes time. But after that trip, my energy was charged and I came back with more strengths and started working harder.

After several weeks staring at four walls between music and my doggies, the website started to be finished! I ordered the new business cards immediately and see everything clearer but, I haven’t yet celebrated because I want to celebrate with all of you! YOU are part of this dream and TOGETHER will continue watching new challenge through the photography.

For celebrating it on June, Danish Design Kids and I are running a Spring Shooting together where you can book a spot of 20 mins for a mini-shoot! On the following days, I’ll give you all details!

At the meantime, STAY here and check around out !

Thank you to my dear people for the support, lovely words and more!

Shine with me✨,