They had a dream that came true

During our Spring Session, they told me how much they would like to have memories with this little FIAT 500 named Francesco which is part of their love story and I have a camera that is always looking for adventures. Therefore, I suggested them to do a Elopement Session in Autumn Time.

Elopement  session between Basel and Alsace

We drove to Landskron Castle on the board between Alsace, France and Basel on a really cold day. It was cloudy as I like with some snow around. We walked to the Castle, took some pictures and went for a while into an Italian Restaurant to get warmer.

With some luck, we finish the session through a forest, doing also individual pictures and lot of laughs. We couldn’t be more happier after checking the results.

I cannot feel more blessed for having great couples with incredible ideas. Do you have any particular idea? Let’s adventure together!

Mary Fernández Photography