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Mom love project is here!

As daughter from an active mom, who spent long afternoons seeing the magic of my mom’s work, I couldn’t really share too much with her until I finished the university. Since I was very small, I understood how important my mom’s labour with other children was. Together, we realized that we both have a talent and we must share it with others.

From my mom’s words, I was never a selfish kid. I’m the youngest kid from my siblings and my parents taught me to share.

Last time I met my mom was in Madrid (yes, four and half years ago). I remember being in my room getting ready and I heard her saying something that will change my life.

She was telling to my sister’s godmother how difficult it was for her to let me leave the country 11 years ago (she had never said it before), but she understood that life gave me a challenge to continue sharing my talent with the world.

Luckily we talk weekly and we always finish our talk with a “te amo”. Yes, I miss her but our political situation don’t allow us to meet us for now.

Recently I talked with another colleague photographer and she encouraged me to do this project to honor those moms and daughters who have the opportunity to be close or separate. To immortalize the love of a mom and daughter. Because LOVE doesn’t mean just the love of a couple.

This project doesn’t have a deadline, it doesn’t have any rule. If you have ever been in front of my camera. You know already how easy is, because natural love is EASY.

This project isn’t about marketing or do an exposition. If you are interested in being part of it, please don’t hesitate to write me for more information by

Thanks mom, I love you.


Mary Fernández Photography