2017 has been a WILD year for me

If I have to describe last year, I will say, it was one of my hardest year of work in a good way. I couldn’t really rest too much but it worth for having had the most amazing experiences in my life. It was totally a rollercoaster for me.

I remember one of my resolutions at the beginning of January 2017, it was posting more on my new blog and as you saw before, I couldn’t! but at least I could have those experiences that I would never change!

Instagram, the best partnership

 Instagram was the best door of my work in 2017. Many couples contacted me through it and therefore I decided last year to be more focus on this social media than my blog. I met incredible couples around the world, like these two young lovers who decided to have an awesome civil ceremony beside me.

Once we got into the forest before the ceremony, she said to me, “Mary you made my dream true”. She always dreamed with a white wedding with a white dress and snow. She never told me about it but I suggested them to do it in a natural environment and they just trusted in me and this is the result of a great experience. She wasn’t afraid of the cold, she wasn’t afraid of anything and he encouraged her all the time to do what she always wanted to have on her day. A true love.

2018 has just begun

2018 began and I’m still doing my resolutions but I believe in it and the wonderful year that is going to be not only for me, but also for you as well. I hope we can meet us soon dear future couples! Let me know your dreams and together we’ll work on it.


Mary Fernández Photography