Young love

From my first sigh, I have been listening the word “LOVE” around everything. In my culture, in my circle of family, friends, university  was based from love and it might be the reason by which I like to write many time this word. We have been created for loving each other and more.

When I came across to this young couple, I never thought I’ll be so impressed from them. They not only share their love each other but also, they share the same passion which is, being actors. We spent a long hot evening looking for new places where we could spread love and we did also a break waiting for the sunset. We spent the break talking about our dreams, lifes and culture. It’s the first couple, I’ve ever heard talking about the past, the present and future in a great mature way that I was in shock, but I didn’t want to tell nothing because I was afraid to stop the magic of them.

They taught me a new philosophy of life, another way to love and believe in ourself. To believe that we can overcome our world with just simple LOVE, I BELIEVE IT. I don’t doubt that they will reach their dream, they are just on the correct path, they have been walking along for a long time and I’m sure, this isn’t the end. This is just the beggining.

Thank YOU.