Let’s talk about indoor sessions

There are more and more families who write me for doing indoor sessions and ask me if I do it as well. My answer is always YES if we have a great lighting.

Winter time, a hard time for families

I totally understand when families don’t want to spend too much time outdoor with the children. I also prefer cozy environment even that I love being surrounded by nature. I always encourage my families to enjoy their moments outside but the truth is, if you have an awesome flat with incredible lighting, why do not to use it?

Clear space and big windows are the perfect combination for an indoor session. What else we need? of course LOVE and easy going moments in family. As you might know if you have ever had a session with me is that there isn’t nothing better than being NATURAL. Therefore I always suggest to enjoy with your beloved ones forgetting the camera around. Play, sing, dance, etc… Is there something better? When you are talking about your people, your family. The answer is always NO for me.

Also, this year I’m offering an atelier for those families who haven’t a great lighting and if you are adventurous like me, why don’t we try in the Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich. Here, you’ll find a session I did there.

Shall we do it?


Mary Fernández Photography