Love fotoshooting Geneva. Photography

Geneva lovestory

I have been in Geneva few times ago just for getting to the Airport. One time, I went with a friend from Madrid and we did the typical picture by the lake really quick before he took his flight. I have been alway curious about this city because I feel it’s completely different to the rest of Switzerland and of course it is! First, the language and then the architecture.

Probably, you know that I cannot shoot without knowing first my couples personally or at least by any other way and it was exactly what we did, Julia and I. We suited up a date and we started talking about the details on the shooting day. It was really easy with her from the beginning because she uses to be in front of the camera all the time. If you don’t know her, just take a look here.

It took me around two and half hours to arrive in Geneva and 20 mins to be where they were. The weather was a little bit tricky as well and we had to do it really quickly but, as I mentioned it before, it was so easy with these two that I couldn’t believe on the train we were finished in one hour when normally I need around two hours to catch real feelings. Wow! I was impressed.

They were completely confortable in front of my len and so complemented. I came home really happy and they too. I hope our paths cross again in the near future again guys! Thank you for being such a nice a delicate couple. A toast for LOVE again!