Charity project

Since two year ago, I have been part of a photographer group who helps children around the world with the concept of a better world, for they, for us and everyone. We believe in if we stay together, we can change our paths supporting us each other.

And this year, we decided to do something different, something bigger for giving more help and love and we want you to be part of it. We want you to be PROUD of you and us as well. As you might know, every year for Christmas Danish Design Kids and I run together a mini-shoot for our lovely families for continuing preserving our memories. Thanks to the great success that we always have, we also decided to do another one in this season. Many of you haven’t done a session yet because of the daily duties but, now you have this chance before the holidays.

Danish Design Kids will donate 10% of their sales and from each session, 10chf will be also donated to those kids who don’t have the opportunity that we have. You will get 2 awesome edited pictures. Remember that the extra pictures aren’t included and have another extra charge.

We will give support to the children living in the incredible Sri Lanka that many of you have visited before. We will help them with medicines, get them into a normal schooling and more and of course, we will keep you informed of everything. Please help us to spread this info to your people in Switzerland. TOGETHER are we STRONGER.

For booking a slot, please contact Charlotte by and thank you for being awesome as always.

Cheers & love,