Lovely Barcelona!, how nice was feel you again
Lovely Barcelona!, how nice was feel you again

When Sofie contacted me, I was really happy to work with them. She sent me some pictures and what I love, it was seeing through a simple selfie so much love between them. I definitely needed to do it! I flew without hesitation. It was also, a great excuse to enjoy the city one more time. I never get tired of Barcelona or Spain, never!

Thanks to my work, I have been discovering more about Spanish cities than when I used to live in Madrid. 

We drove together to a small beach named “Garraf“, it was a little bit sunny at the beginning but then a storm was coming (This summer, I have been in many storms in different countries! What is going on?). Hopefully, we could work perfectly and took lots of pictures. The beach, the rocks, the little summer houses around were the perfect scene to do this lovely session.

This two lovers were adventurous what I LOVE about my couples!

An awesome evening if you ask me!