Sunday SCOUTING! In winter I love scouting on Sundays where nobody is out and the streets are fulling of silence. I can think better and imagine new and beautiful pictures. This time, I wanted to explore Zürich. Zürich is a city which can surprise you any time with its spots. I asked a friend who knows how much I like plants and he told me about “Sukkulenten Sammlung“, so I went straight there. I didn’t know about this place and I really admire the succulents!, I have a mini-collection on my winter garden. Once I came in, I knew, where would I like to do the next shooting and told to my couple who was afraid of the cold in this time. They agreed! I was so happy!

On the shooting day, they were more than happy to be warm and comfy surrounded by plants and I was happier to see their love.

Cheers & love,